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What Pakistani Duniya Productions is.

Pakistani Duniya Productions was a project which was started some time before the idea of was concieved by Mustafa Neguib. Pakistani Duniya Productions's team ventured into the new grounds of cricket video productions or cricket montages productions, and set out to be one of the major players in cricket montages production market along with some other cricket montages producing companies. Now about two years later into service, and seven releases of cricket montages, under the name of "Hum Hain Pakistani Cricket Video Series", and " Cricket Monatges Series" Pakistani Duniya Production has gained a following of ever enthusiastic fans who give the inspiration to the team to produce even better videos. We would like to thank all the people who supported us, and made the company a success.

What do we produce?

Pakistani Duniya Productions is a specialist in cricket montages. These videos are themed around Pakistani cricket, and thus include team Pakistan's finest moments. The videos also contain bombastic music, which along with the videos make it a truly unique experience to watch.

How many montages/ videos have been released so far?

There are four versions of "Hum Hain Pakistani Cricket Videos Series", and three versions of," Cricket Montages Series" available for download form this site, and also from Syed Owais Ali site . We have released the sixth video, which is the second version in our new cricket montages series, by the name of " Cricket Montages Series". The video can be found in the cricket videos page. You can also watch our videos from the site  Its all about Pakistan... Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS!